About Us

Who We Are: Our Mission, Our History

Who We Are

Saxon Conservatoire is a place for people of all ages – children, youth, and adults – to get together to relax, socialize, play, and learn.

As a conservatoire of the arts, Saxon is a haven for all forms of art including music, dance, drama, beauty, martial arts, and much more!

At Saxon, students are nurtured in an environment conducive for learning. The classrooms are tastefully designed with well-lit halls. There is also a café which offers a fresh menu weekly.

Our Mission

In order to produce balanced and well-developed individuals,  Saxon Conservatoire believes in combining Arts, Academy, and Athletics in our teaching approach.

Following the time-honored principle of teaching by example, our instructors are highly dedicated and skilled. Besides imparting knowledge, they are also enthusiastic about encouraging our students to continuously pursue excellence in their careers and lives.


From 1997 to 2000, our company comprised of Saxon Music Enterprise and Saxon Events & Management.

Saxon Music Enterprise mainly dealt in the trading and selling of musical instruments as well as music education. Saxon Events and Management was involved in organizing a wide variety of events including artist exhibitions, corporate events, fashion shows, weddings, and music events.

In the year 2001, the company has been established into an academy – Saxon Music & Art School – which is dedicated to promoting and teaching of the Arts. In 2005, Saxon Music & Art School was expanded to Saxon Conservatoire to reflect its additional role in playing the musical drama as well as being a learning paradise for other art forms including Music, Dance, Drama, Art and many more that provide the most well-rounded education possible. We believe that combining the Art Education and Life that providing a complete system best prepares your child or youth for not only leading a well education life but as well as compassionate and spirited life.
Saxon hosts various events such as talent showcases and jazz nights, featuring musicians from all over Malaysia. Our styles range from classical to jazz to rock and roll, we believe that expression is key no matter which form it takes.

To this day, Saxon Conservatoire is a leading facility for both your educational, event, and entertainment needs.