Martial Art/Gymnastics

Ask most Chinese about the benefits of training Wushu and you will most likely hear “Qiang Shen Jian Ti” – To make the body strong and healthy. In today’s day and age, children spend their entire day sitting in a classroom focused on their academic work. When they get home they might sit and watch tv, play video games, or work on the computer. Maybe their parents will encourage them to sit and do their homework or even learn an instrument where they will continue to sit and play the piano or violin.

Martial arts are a profound form of exercise, which combine ancient forms of movement with modern techniques of sports training with an emphasis on discipline. The training allows the practitioner to not only develop great strength, speed, and power, but also flexibility, coordination, and balance. Martial arts are also a great alternative for children who prefer individual sports, giving them the ability to flourish at an activity which allows them to focus on being their own personal best. In addition, training in Chinese martial arts will allow them to participate in a unique form of exercise related to their ethnic and cultural heritage.

The Courses include:

  • Kids Wushu Class
  • Adult Wushu Class
  • Tai-chi Class
  • Gymnastics Class

All classes are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.