Music for Little Mozart

Give your child an early head start to music with “Music for Little Mozart” Piano Foundation Course. Young children love music and have a natural ability to respond to it. Join us with Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse to guide you through the great adventure of musical discovery.

In “Music for Little Mozart”, we nurture the children’s natural ability and interest, to introduce all musical concepts in a creative and imaginative way. Each week your child will learn from many activities in our group-based music class.

The suitable age to start learning music is around 4-5 years old. Aural development and social skills begin at this age. “Music for Little Mozart” incorporates the skill and knowledge to ensure your child enjoys the most in music learning processes.


The Courses include:

  • Little Mozart Level 1
  • Little Mozart Level 2

(1 & 2 equal to Piano Elementary 1)

  • Little Mozart Level 3
  • Little Mozart Level 4

(3 & 4 equal to Piano Elementary 2)

Individual lesson: 30mins                        Group lesson: 45mins